The Palmito

Origin of the Palmito

The Acai palmito is a unique product from the Amazon rainforest, being obtained from the açaí tree, a natural palm from the northern region of Brazil. In addition to producing one of the best known fruits in the world, the Açai (berry), this incredible palm also provides the palmito.

The açaí palmito is a white cylinder extracted from the inside of the palm, it has coiled layers of fiber, a soft and juicy texture after the extraction, the cylinder is cut and thus begins the transformation process to reach you.

The açaí tree is a species of multi-stemmed palm, reaching up to 25 strains per clump, with height ranging from three to twenty meters, being possible to extract it without harming the tree, because through clump regeneration it favors sustainable management , transforming waste into biomass for reuse in deforested areas and contributing to the maintenance of the standing forest.

Discover some of the Nutritional Benefits of açaí palmito


Rich in Zinc, a mineral that helps to improve the barriers of the immune system, treating inflammation and helping to speed up the healing process.

2- Blood pressure control

A source of potassium, consumption of fresh palmito contributes to the normalization of blood pressure levels, avoiding spikes and falls. Its intake can also contribute to the control of heartbeat and better heart health.

3- Strengthens the Immune System

The palmito provides vitamin C, acting as a preventive agent against colds and flu.

4- Improves Mood

Rich in vitamin B6, which has the function of producing hemoglobin for the formation of blood, it improves the metabolism of fat, protein, carbohydrate and serotonin that favors the improvement of mood.

5- Weight maintenance

Because the heart of palm is a low-calorie food and contains dietary fibers, which contribute to preserve satiety, it is great for weight loss diets.

6- Contributes to muscle formation

The palmito is rich in protein and zinc, which act in the metabolism, essential nutrient for the formation of muscles.

INDUSPAR palmito have proven origin and follow all environmental and quality standards, take care of your health with those who take care of you.

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