When purchasing our brand, you are guaranteed a product of unparalleled taste and quality, Because caring gives taste!

Palmito Yaco


The Yaco brand was INDUSPAR’s first launch. Named in the 90s, it went through reformulations always thinking about quality, but without losing its original features. The Yaco Palmito quickly gained the taste of Brazilians, conquering the consumers’ table, looking for a product with flavor and quality, besides being practical.
Brand that started our dream of being a reference company in quality, with originality, innovation and prestige of the Brazilian consumer.
Palmito Amazônia


The Amazônia brand emerged through our desire to create a product with originality and unique characteristics, paying homage to our beloved Amazon forest, source of our product of which we are so proud. Thus was born the AMAZON palmito, making historical references to our region and unparalleled flavor.
Record sales, the Amazonia brand is the darling among Brazilian families and has already started to win the world.

We are happy to brighten your table every day!

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