Know our history

Through the fulfillment of a young entrepreneur’s dream, INDUSPAR was founded in 1998 in the state of Pará, a company genuinely from Pará and proud to be in the heart of the Amazon.

Located in the municipality of Afuá / PA, 400 kilometers from the capital Belém, we share with Brazil and the World, in a sustainable way and always thinking about maintaining the standing forest, one of the greatest riches of the Amazon forest, the Açaí Palmito.

Discover our products and fall in love with those who care about you and believe in a sustainable and healthy world, offering a unique product with high quality standards.


Our product is kindly produced in the Amazon

Support to the community
We support local communities in order to develop the region and standardize our raw materials, maintaining unparalleled quality and meeting environmental requirements.
Our entire product line is environmentally certified, showing our commitment to sustainable management.

INDUSPAR has a high quality standard recognized internationally.

When you find our brand, be sure that flavor and quality will always be present.

The Palmito

Know a little more

The palmito is a food obtained from the core of the açaizeiro palm, a natural palm from the northern region of Brazil, the same that produces the açaí.

Tasty and versatile, the palmito is also known as the food of a thousand benefits. Do you know what the benefits of palmito for your body are?

The palmito is a much appreciated ingredient that pleases the palate and is very versatile to enhance various dishes and culinary recipes.

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