Innovation is the heart of our company!

We are a genuine Brazilian company, founded in 1998 by a young man from Pará, who believed in his dream of creating a brand recognized worldwide for offering health and wellbeing to its customers.

Certificados FDA e USDA

Operating in the Marajó estuary, in the municipality of Afuá, our company has discovered a great richness in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. The raw material extracted from the native forest, coming from the açaí tree, the same palm from which the açaí fruit is harvested.

Today recognized in the national and international market, Induspar is committed to offering the best in quality to our customers. Through our own production, following strict quality control techniques and respect for the rules of sustainable management, we can ensure the quality of our product.

We carefully select riverside families who dedicate their time, love and care to the harvest and handling of our raw material, which is all handled in a 100% artisanal manner, with the assistance of a specialized team, in order to ensure the arrival of healthy and appropriate food to our consumers’ table.


Our company is extremely proud to contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle, that’s why we feel happy and are partners in the fight against deforestation and climate change. We know that people around the world depend on the forest, it is the guarantee we need for a long and quality life.

Many communities have revered their ancestral forest homes for centuries, we cannot jeopardize public health and the cultural traditions of the communities living close to the forest, because what is at stake is the life of each and every being, and we want a healthy community.

The forest is the greatest ecological power, essential for the survival of all living beings on earth. If properly cared for, it provides shelter, water, medicine and air, provides habitat for 80% of terrestrial biodiversity, assists in absorbing gases from the atmosphere and provides livelihoods for 1.6 billion people.


Achieve the highest quality standard and provide the best to our consumers, valuing our Amazonian roots in partnership with the region’s riverside dwellers. That is why Induspar has a careful job from planting, through harvesting, to the final production of the palmito, in order to guarantee the best benefits of the product and thus offer a better quality of life to everyone.


Always seek the best techniques, in order to preserve the Amazon rainforest with respect for humanity, as well as to develop a differentiated product, which combines flavor and quality, always encouraging our consumers to adopt healthy habits, combining development and sustainability.


To work with excellence to ensure a high quality raw material, with sustainable attitudes, and to value our Amazonian essence with the introduction of man to the environment handling our product, with the aim of helping you and your family to choose a healthy life practice, by offering a first-rate product.

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